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Let's Talk Creepy

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 20, 2014, 6:52 AM
Hey! It's almost Christmas!!
It's actually a little hard to properly tell in this country because a: it's the middle of summer and b: because my country is so culturally diverse, Christmas isn't actually given THAT much attention XDD Perhaps slightly more than other holidays, but I tend to find a lot more activity happening around Chinese New Year. But indeed, it is almost Christmas! So what better time to talk about insane creepiness and the horror genre?

Soooo, for a few months now the game 'Five Nights of Freddy's' has been really running away in popularity and become 'The' horror game for 2014. And with the second one coming out a short time after and pretty much doubling everything in terms of scariness and difficulty, I thought I'd talk about it a bit.

Ok, so first off, I don't own either game for very simple reasons. I don't like jump scares but more importantly, I cannot play time based games as they stress me out. Even in regular games I HATE time based anything and usually really really struggle simply because I get so stressed out I can't keep my head cool. (Which is kinda funny because in real life problems I tend to be able to approach things logically. But in time based video games? NOPE.)
So I didn't bother buying the games because I knew I would not enjoy them. But that isn't any real opinion on the games themselves. It's just knowing myself and what I would enjoy playing.

So, about the actually games themselves. When it first hit the scene I was reeeeaaally not into the game at all. I find Jump Scares to be extremely cheap and NOT, as most people seem to think, equivalent to scary. If my mom walks into the room and yells 'HEY!' without be expecting it of course I'd almost have a heart attack, but I wouldn't describe my mom as 'pure and utter horror' or whatever. So at first, I was really not into the idea.

However, as time went on and it became obvious the game was gaining fast popularity, I decided to watch some Let's Plays of it since I wasn't going to play it myself. Mostly because, even if I thought its mechanics were cheap, the idea of a horror game involving animatronics intrigued me. See, since I was a really tiny toddler, I've had issues with people in mascot costumes. Strangely, animatronics in real life don't bug me at all, and I actually like them. Same goes for like, muppets and movies like the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. As an adult, I still do not much like mascot suits. I don't mind them as much and at Disneyland I actually like them. However, things like fursuits still creep me out (for NON perverted reasons). After some thinking, I realised my biggest problem with fursuits and mascot suits is because they don't have facial expressions. They have body language showing that they are fun and friendly.... but their faces. never. change. They're always the same. Their eyes never blink and their pupils never move. As an adult I understand this but as a tiny child this was just a whole load of 'NOPE!' for me and I have memories of tugging my mom away in an amusement park because I wanted to run away from a mascot who was following us. "nope nope nope!"

So, the idea of a horror game built around this idea intrigued me. Especially since, as I learned, the game does not use violence to come across as 'scary'. I hate when people think blood and violence is somehow the same thing as fear. As far as I saw, blood and violence never actually came into the game. Oh you die and HEAR about violence, but there's no viscera on screen.

So I watched Let's Plays and, similar to when P.T. came out, enjoyed seeing people become genuinely stressed out and rambling due to stress only to freak out (or in some cases, burst out laughing) when the tension is broken when they get killed. (I must point out I don't watch Pewdiepie as I find him to be extraordinarily false in his reactions as well as being... well.... kind of a weeny.) And when the second one came out I enjoyed watching those Let's Plays as well.

I also started liking the ridiculous fanart I was finding where the animatronics were drawn to look super cute, or as nice, likeable cartoon characters, or as they would look as an actual animatronic stage act like Country Bears or whatever. So I got more into the characters and just being silly with such a stressful game that scares people.
But it doesn't scare me. Not really. I jump every now and then but it's not the same thing.

2 days ago... I made a huge mistake. I watched 'The Game Theorist's videos on both games. They are EXTREMELY interesting and actually, properly show how Scott Cawthorn put an INSANE amount of thought into the games. Not into the things jumping out at you... but in how much backstory and setting there is to the Freddy's restaurant and it's past. And more importantly, how subtle it is and hidden among all the creepiness of killer robots so, when you play, you're not really aware of it.
About the backstory of the 5 children who were murdered, which most people have figured out thanks to phone guy. But also, the newspaper articles in the background that switch up and explain what happened a few years ago. How the years of the games are around 1993 and 1987 exactly if you pay attention. Why your payment for your 5 nights is so low. why your characters KEEPS GOING BACK after the first night. Who phone guy is. What the atari style minigames actually mean. Things that change in the background that you don't notice when you play and what they mean. What Golden Freddy is suppose to be. Who the puppet actually is.
And, most tragically, how the games connect to the real murder of 4 people (with a 5th surviving) in a Chuck E. Cheese in the 90s.

Ok so... killer animatronics in a spooky dark restaurant I can handle. Ghosts? not so much... Subtle, unexplained backstories that hint at a larger story I can't properly grasp.... yeah nopenopenopenope SO MUCH NOPE.
These games have screwed me up SO MUCH MORE than P.T. ever did. P.T. only WISHES it could screw up so much.

....I've been sleeping with the light on for the past 2 nights ;_______;

I highly recommend The Game Theorists videos. I Hiiiiiighly recommend them. Just... get a night light for the next few days.

I... like these games... ;_______; *cries*

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